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Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers, passionate about making positive difference in the lives of people in Ghana. The group consists of persons with diverse professional backgrounds: health professionals, teachers, students, accountants, pastors, among others. While most of us are Ghanaians, or have Ghanaian roots, there are other nationals whose love for Ghana moves them to join the missionary trip.

What we did during our last trip to Ghana

From March to April, 2018, about 30 volunteers, primarily from the UK, made the journey to Ghana to help Ghanaians in need of help. Specifically, we renovated a community library and assisted with the completion of a 3-classroom block in the Ada Foah township in the Greater Accra Region, by providing labour and financial assistance. Additionally, we registered and renewed the registration of over 200 people on to the National Health Insurance Scheme, aside a free health screening for all. Our medical professionals checked the blood pressure, cholesterol levels, Body Mass Indices and other vital statistics for the residents and neighbours in and around the Ada Foah township.

Our focus was not solely on the Greater Accra Region; we also went to the Central and Ashanti Regions. In the Central Region, we visited the Elmina Castle, where most Africans and Carribeans living in the diaspora attach special historic importance. It was not merely a tour of a historic site but also an educational endeavour for all who attended.

In the Ashanti Region, our team members gave a facelift to the maternity unit of the Kwadaso Seventh-day Adventist Hospital, and also donated health equipment and materials to the hospital. They also conducted a two-day seminar for the health professionals at the hospital, where they exchanged knowledge regarding best practices and new methods in the health profession. They subsequently conducted free health screening for the local community.

The Ashanti Region, especially, the Kumasi Metropolis is known for its rich cultural heritage and history, and we did not want to miss out on this so we took time out to visit various historic sites. Members really appreciated the rich and colourful culture of the people.

Aside the main services we went to Ghana to provide, we also contributed to the local economy as we rented rooms in guest houses and hotels, made use of public transportation, bought food, as well as other goods and services.

What we intend to do on our trip in 2020

With our successful maiden trip in Ghana in 2018, more volunteers have signed up for the trip in 2020, with the aim of reaching more people with vital services to make a positive difference. We shall be renovating a local school building in Ada, visiting and donating to an orphanage in Accra, providing seminars to share knowledge with local health practitioners, conducting free for all health expo and screening in different places. We shall also visit historic sites in Ghana to explore the rich cultural heritage of the people of Ghana.

We believe that by the end of this missionary trip, lives of volunteers and beneficiaries would be touched in very positive ways. We believe every little help we can offer will go a long way to making a lasting impact in the lives of people in Ghana and beyond.

Project Ghana: for God and Country!